Surface Mount Electronics Assembly for Terrified Beginners

Friday 20:30–22:30 in Hardware Hacking Area

Modern electronic components tend to only come in surface mount, but most people interested in doing electronics as a hobby seem to be afraid of those. This is a workshop designed to remove your fear of working with (soldering, reworking) surface mount components. You will go through a scaled-down and de-automated version of the industrial electronics assembly process, including solder paste application, pick and place (with tweezers), reflow (on a hotplate), inspection (visual), testing (electric and functional) and rework. In the end, you will have assembled a working DC/DC converter board using minimal equipment and skills you didn't know you had. So far, every participant has discovered they can successfully place 0402 passives and 0.5mm pitch QFNs with no issues. No prior knowledge or skills required. This workshop is suitable for people who have never done anything with electronics before. This workshop will cost: 20GBP or 20EUR, whichever you prefer

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