Speculative design of health and wellbeing in space (and other extreme environments) for future adventurers

Workshop by Stephanie Pau

Saturday from 8:20 PM - 9:50 PM in Workshop 1

What does health and wellbeing looks like for the future space travellers? There are less than 600 people who have been to space to date. But would space adventures be restricted to the very strictly health screened forward going? Will there be medical autonomy? In this workshop, we co-design the future of health and wellbeing space (and other extreme environments) using speculative design research methods and play tools. This workshop will involve hands-on activities: making and sketching scrappy prototypes/concepts. You do not have to have prior knowledge of anything, we do ask you to park judgements at the front of the tent before you enter the world...

Attending this workshop will cost Free
Suitable age range 12+
Attendees should bring Bring pens, preferably marker pens, scrap paper and other materials

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