NFC Nail Art

Workshop by Kinga Kieczkowska

Saturday from 1:20 PM - 2:50 PM in Workshop 4

This workshop puts the pretty and the geeky together by combining UV gel nail art with NFC technology. NFC (Near Field Communication) is a peer-to-peer radio communication method which allows devices up to 4cm away from each other to communicate (more: Its uses vary from contactless payments to smart cards, access fobs and file sharing, making it a vital communication tool. The workshop will include: - introduction to gel manicure - brief introduction to the NFC technology - programming NFC data tags - placing NFC LEDs and data tags on nails and incorporating them into a nail art composition The end result is a happy participant with a creative gel manicure involving NFC activated LEDs and a custom programmed nail which can perform various things: unlock a phone, open a browser and navigate to a link, open a specific application, link to a business card, etc. This workshop would be open to all ages and genders, with an option to paint a fake plastic nails instead of own nails if that’s preferred; each data tag and diode stickers are around 8mm wide so that can be useful if someone has smaller nails.

Attending this workshop will cost 5 pounds (each NFC LED costs around £1, NFC data tag - £1.5, plus nail art equipment (UV gel nail polish & reusable tools to share for the group) as well as single-use cuticle sticks, cotton pads, remover, etc.
Suitable age range 10 - 1000
Attendees should bring Android phone with the NFC feature

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