the nature chamber with the minusonic board

Sunday from 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM in The Lounge

Minusonic is a project designed to detect the micro-sonic, the minuscule sounds in the environment around us. We’ve developed the Minusonic board v1 which has a small microphone attached that we’ve enhanced through experienced circuit-know-how, to make it ultra-sensitive to tiny frequencies and decibels of sound. You are then able to plug in your headphones and hear these sounds that are normally outside of our hearing range, from the sound of ants footsteps to those of a spider, any insect. If it's too loud to hear the insect on camp, there are recordings of the sounds of ants to hear and you can still test the mike out in its shoe box. It can detect lost of other everyday sounds that we wouldn't normally hear. Bring an insect if you find one and lets try!

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